CalWORKS Employment Program

The CalWORKs Employment Program at CRY-ROP provides paid work experience for CalWORKs clients. Work experience placements are available in a variety of industries including retail, restaurant, clerical, facilities maintenance, child care and recreation as well as local government and community agencies.

Contact your local Transitional Assistance Department for more information or to request a referral to participate in this program.

The CalWORKS Employment Program at CRY-ROP is made possible through the partnership of County of San Bernardino Workforce Development and Transitional Assistance Departments.

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Christopher Bailey - Employment Placement Specialist
Office: (909) 793-3115 ext. 502
Cell: (909) 809-0029

Alma Orozco - Employment Placement Specialist
Office: (909) 793-3115 ext. 503
Cell: (909) 809-6231

Lynnae Pattison - Program Coordinator
Office: (909) 793-3115 ext. 400
Cell: (909) 809-6188